Null Secrets from the Toilet

I’m afraid of my own image in the mirror

And a surprising touch

Sometimes I evoke dead flames to evade this mania


Crystal heart dissolvin’ on the table,

Marble window lettin’ in the clash

The pest is propagating fastly,

And the boiling oil is falling down upon people’s misery


I’m gonna tell you a secret.

I don’t want you to tell anyone.

I know a good old remedy

For an unwanted disappointment


The proper delirium, the monster of solemnity

Install themselves between rage and passiveness


I discover intimacies thru the gateway,

Neurotic limp, insistent again

I’m sure I just need one push

To complete this shift

I’m afraid of my own shadow,

The creaking anguish and the sound of my voice



Escrito el 1° de junio de 2000


About Israel Nungaray

Observador miope
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