Improv: july afternoon

Gettin’ ready for it, memories came and went. He was powerful enough to defeat them. Atmosphere sounds heatin’ the air, he turned around to look for company but it was empty. Claimin’ for answers, he aproaches the nearest building, a church. Wanted to revisit his faith, wanted to believe, wanted to feel normal. He realizes that’s bullshit and leaves the place rememberin’ the trip to Alaska 4 summers ago.

Now he’s downtown and finds about the nices images over there. Hot Dog stand assaulted by dogs, teenage couple tongue kissing and spitting every three seconds, streets painted in yellow, vending machines used as chairs, a shoe store without goods to sell… the smell of cheese reminded him of home so he run away from that madness, it was worse than a nightmare he had back when he was 12.

It turns out he wasn’t ready for it, he thought it was better to be dead than living without the woman he loved. He learned to open his mind, he learned to walk on his own, he learned that erotic love comes and goes. Now he seeks for happiness on cereal boxes and brazilian music. Once he looked for it on a book about flowers but he found out how boring it was on the first page. Reality gives all the information we need but we are too busy thinking about how to have fun. Not bad actually, we all need love in all its forms.


Escrito por Israel Nungaray el 20 de julio de 2012.

About Israel Nungaray

Observador miope
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