Composite picture

We are full of dementia and we depend on hostility

Ditching morning temptations and walking in a moonless nite

Where’s the true inspiration? I think is on the high sea

I’ll go for it, I’ll embark myself, no matter what

Tho first I gotta fence the pus of the beheaded whale


We were so happy till the mountain came down…

Now we’re just rolling stones with no route and no scent


Honey, you know I wouldn’t leave ya. So please me in this petition:

perspire more, don’t stop desire. Never stop loving me, never.

You wasn’t from this world and you still not

We supplied ice to the unkind ones


We all wanna be in the testament, wanna be present in the final judgement

Tireless and insensible, we’ll form a single file to receive our part

“You get a knife, a hammer to your girl”. That’ll be all.

Then we will see the mess of many caravans in climax


Escrito por Israel Nungaray González (20 de mayo de 1999 en Chihuahua, Chihuahua)

About Israel Nungaray

Observador miope
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